Attire trends: 2011

In 2011, all that is old is new… but with a twist. And it’s no different with bridal attire. Here are just some of the looks popular this year.

For the bride
Leave it to the 80s to inspire fashion designers. Belts, tiers, bold floral and spiral embellishments, and a little sparkle are the rage right now with gowns.

These styles are hot on the runway, and still translate beautifully to the bridal aisle.

Some of the top trends include:

• Dainty dots

• Floral and geometric embellishments

• Sparkly belts

• Tiers

• Flowing skirts and trains.

According to Molly Henry-Lincoln from The Henry’s in Bangor, “anything goes” as far as gowns go. The bridal shop is seeing more gown styles featuring lace, a fitted silhouette, lots of beadwork and detail, and the return of the ball gown. And because of the Royal wedding, sheer is in.

And while the veil still holds traditional sway, birdcage veils, flowers and feathers in the hair are also starting to take hold for fashionable brides.

“We’re seeing softer hairstyles,” Henry-Lincoln said. “The bridal industry is bringing back some of the classic allure of Grace Kelley and Audrey Hepburn. Hairpieces have a modern trend, but they’re not overly trendy.”

For the groom
Grooms continue to have a timeless look in their attire. While the “classic black”, two-button tuxedo still reigns supreme, vests and ties are reflecting bridesmaids dress colors.

According to Henry-Lincoln, the most popular suit color is chocolate brown.
In the same way that the type of wedding is important to know for the bride’s gown, the groom should also be aware of the time of day and formality. A day semi-formal wedding should be a suit in a dark color with a shirt and vest while a formal evening wedding is generally considered black tie with full tuxedo.

Grooms are also finding new ways to accent their look with different boutonnieres. It’s one easy way to make the guy of the hour look special.

For the wedding party
Cocktail dresses, and “wear them again” dresses are the style of choice for female attendants. “Brides want dresses their girls can wear again, and that aren’t over the top,” Henry-Lincoln said. Color is also in for women’s dresses as is a shift from taffeta to cotton or jersey. And brides are allowing their girls to choose the style that fits her body — and personality — best.

For the moms
Moms are sophisticated and their dresses are becoming more glamorous too.

“There are lots of tiers, layers, and a very sophisticated look,” she said. “Moms are also going to tea length skirts. They don’t want to look frumpy. They want elegance and they want to look like part of the bridal party.”

Accent mom’s look with a hand corsage or flowers for her hair instead of pinned into her dress.

Story by Debra Bell, Marry ME magazine editor