Honeymoon cost-cutting ideas

After all of the stress that comes with planning and preparing a wedding, most couples head off to a resort for some much-needed R&R. The locales couples choose to spend their honeymoon are as varied as the couples themselves. While many couples head for a seaside resort, others choose adventurous getaways to such places as the Alaskan wilderness.

Whichever destination couples choose to spend their first vacation as husband and wife, one thing all couples can count is the cost. More specifically, the high cost of the honeymoon is something to count on. However, not all honeymoons need to break the bank. In fact, there are several ways couples can save substantial amounts of money while still enjoying their first getaway as a married couple.

• Research where you’ll be staying. Oftentimes, hotels offer luxury at a very high price. Particularly in locales where many couples spend their honeymoon, such accommodations can be quite costly. However, savvy couples might be able to circumvent costly hotel accommodations if they do their research early. Bed and breakfasts, for example, often range from practical to ultra-luxurious, and tend to cost a fraction of what luxury hotels charge. Many couples actually prefer B&Bs, feeling they’re more charming and cozy.

One thing to be diligent about with respect to B&Bs is the size of the accommodations, most notably the bedding. Not all B&Bs provide king or even queen-size bedding, and some might not provide private bathrooms. Be sure to confirm with the B&B as to each room’s accommodations before making a reservation.

• Consider traveling during the “off” season. Whereas spring and summer were once the most popular seasons to tie the knot, nowadays many couples are looking to the fall to get married. While the months of June and July remain the most popular, September and October weddings have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the aesthetic appeal of the fall seasons.

Another advantage to a fall wedding is the opportunity for couples to save money on their honeymoon by traveling during the “off” season. Peak season at beachside resorts is typically the summer months, and rates are therefore higher. However, traveling to a resort during the “off” season can save substantial amounts of money, and the weather will no doubt still be beautiful. What’s more, local business will most likely boast better deals as well, and the resort will not be as crowded as it typically is during peak season.

• Consider a cruise. Cruises might seem more expensive at first glance, but many cruises offer all-inclusive deals, wherein food and beverages are all paid for, and entertainment is provided. In addition, couples who take a cruise will get the chance to see a variety of seaside locales. And since the cruise already has an itinerary planned, it’s a nice break from all the planning that went into the wedding.

Courtesy Metro Creative Service