Tasty desserts

Gone are the days of the traditional three-tier white wedding cake with royal frosting as the go-to wedding cake of choice. Today’s couples are choosing an alternative. And they are loving it.

Unique fillings
Instead of traditional white or chocolate cake, brides today are choosing unique fillings such as carrot cake, red velvet cake, and blueberry cake. Cream fillings featuring the Maine flavors of maple, blueberry, and fruit are also accenting Maine cakes.

Quirky colors and clean designs
The wedding cake is the main centerpiece of the reception and couples who choose a traditional cake are making them shine. 2011 trends are seeing couples choose bold colors, unique embellishments, and graphic designs.

Mini cakes and cupcakes
For some couples, a traditional cake is just not right. Cupcakes set on a traditional cake stand, are turning into a popular way to go beyond the cake. Individually wrapped, cupcakes can feature many different flavors and combinations.

For the traditional cake cutting experience, couples who choose cupcakes can also have a small layer cake to cut and feed to each other. Or consider putting cakes on each table as a centerpiece.

Dessert bars and candy bars
Dessert bars featuring bite-sized treats and favorite types of candy are gaining popularity, noted Eliza Butler from Specialty Sweets in Bangor. While a dessert bar might not replace a traditional cake, it provides guests with additional options for after dinner dessert.

Cake pops, brownie bites, and fudge pops
Everyone loves a lollypop, so it’s no wonder cake pops, brownie bites, and fudge pops are gaining popularity among the wedding set. A few decadent bites provide a great end to the evening. These pops are a quirky way to treat your guests, while setting your wedding apart.

Story by Debra Bell, Marry ME Magazine editor