Say “I Do” to wedding apps

Thanks to the advent of smartphones and the iPad, people are online more than ever. With a boom in application software or ‘apps’ for these various electronic devices, it hasn’t taken long for developers to create a whole slew of wedding-related apps as well. Here are 10 handy wedding apps for guys and gals getting married.

For Him:
1. Marriage Proposal Ideas for iPhone, 99 cents
Stumped about how to deliver the perfect marriage proposal? This app contains hundreds of suggestions to match a variety of occasions and locales.

2. Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder for iPhone, 99 cents
While obviously geared towards promoting Tiffany diamonds, this app still provides a useful starting point for those unfamiliar with the various considerations that go into shopping for a ring, whether it be cut, color, clarity, ring size, and beyond.

3. Wedding Speeches For The Best Man & Groomsman for iPhone, 99 cents
For the tongue-tied groomsman or best man, this app provides several speech etiquette tips and speech templates that you can tailor to suit any wedding.

4. Fun Wedding for iPhone, 99 cents
This clever app provides access to music charts updated monthly from actual song request lists made to wedding DJ’s around the country. Sure to keep your wedding song-list popular with guests.

5. Wedding Day for iPhone, 99 cents
For the forgetful groom (or bride) to-be, this fun little app provides a real-time countdown to the wedding day.

For Her:
1. iWedding Deluxe for iPhone, $9.99
This isn’t the cheapest app going, but it’s easily the most sophisticated wedding planning app around. Loaded with tools and resources that will keep your planning on track for the big day.

2. Wedding Wire for Android, Free
Though not nearly as authoritative, Android users should check out this free app that contains plenty of planning resources. One great advantage is the app’s access to an exhaustive catalog of vendors.

3. Wedding 911 by The Knot for iPhone, Free
Wedding 911 is one of the most popular wedding apps available on the market. From etiquette to budgeting to beauty tips, it’s all here, plus you can post questions to other users for advice.

4. Wedding Flowers Moodboard for iPhone, $1.99

This new app should come in useful for brides-to-be. It contains a large library of images and suggestions that will help you come up with the right floral bouquet to fit your wedding.

5. iBridalGown: Wedding Dress Shop Assistant for iPhone, $3.99
Just as the name indicates, this handy app helps you keep track of the various wedding dress options you’ve tried on, then lets you compare them all side by side with photos and relevant information.

Story by Evan Kanarakis

Story by Evan Kanarakis


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