Unique wedding touches: The love letter and wine box ceremony

Looking for something unique for your wedding ceremony? Consider the Love Letter and Wine Box ceremony.

This new ceremony takes the place of an unity candle or sand ceremony. Here’s the gist:

Before the wedding day, the bride and groom individually write a love letter to their mate. The letter can be simple or elaborate, detailing why they fell in love with the other, listing hopes and dreams, or simply reflecting on the new bond they’ll share. Each love letter gets sealed in an envelope and brought to the ceremony. The couple decorates the wine box — homemade or hand-purchased  – and chooses a bottle of wine to encase inside.

At a special moment in the ceremony, the officiant will initiate the wine and love letter ceremony, explaining the meaning of the wine box. The couple will take their sealed letters, wine, glasses, and other mementos and place them inside the box then seal it either with a key or with hammer and nails.

At the couple’s first anniversary — or another date they set — the box is opened, wine sipped, and letters read. To keep the tradition going, the couple should then replace the wine and letters on each anniversary.

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