Marry ME Fall/Winter 2012 coming soon!

In less than a week, the newest edition of Marry ME Magazine (Fall/Winter 2012) will be available on magazine stands.

We have just one question for you: What inspires you?

Here at Marry ME Magazine we’ve been thinking a lot about wedding inspiration. From the small details to the big picture, weddings are all about love and inspiration.

As we were going through this issue’s love story nominations, we discovered that there were so many weddings with inspirational touches. In fact, we really wanted to showcase a broad array of weddings, so we are pleased to announce three web exclusive love stories, in addition to our in magazine love stories.

Thanks again to the crazy beautiful photos submitted by some of Maine’s best photographers, we’re able to provide you with ideas, inspiration, and tips on how to make your wedding unique.

Why unique? Because you are unique. Your groom is unique. Your ideas and style are unique. And you deserve to celebrate that uniqueness.

We’ve included tips on how to include everyone in the Big Day, choosing the gown to enhance your unique shape, hair tips and trends, and reception decor ideas that reflect a different view. Learn about contracts with our resident wedding and event planner as well as how to be a good host with our etiquette expert.

And guys, we haven’t forgotten you either. Why have a traditional wedding band? Choose something a bit different by following the ideas laid out in the Guy’s Corner. Want to wear something less traditional? Check out our attire article aimed at suave choices for guys that don’t include black.

Keep in touch by letting us know about your pending nuptials (or a really cool engagement story)! We might choose your story to feature on the site or in the next issue!

Remember how unique you are. It will show on your Big Day.

Happy planning!

Debra Bell, assignment editor


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