Matthew Cormier & Kelly Clark: A love story

It all started sophomore year of high school. Due to the fact that our high school took in all of the surrounding smaller towns’ students, I did not know who the funny boy who sat two seats behind me was in biology class. Once I learned his name, we starting talking every so often in person and on the once popular AOL instant messanger.

We became acquaintances, but Matt was very shy and didn’t know how to approach me. He was on the school football team, the same team that I was a cheerleader for. One night, at a football game in Southern Maine, I saw the silly, funny boy running back and forth just itching to get into the game. I knew who he was so I yelled “Go Matt Cormier!” and he whirled around, very surprised that someone was cheering him on from the cheerleader section.

As time passed, we came to be better and better friends, having more classes together and talking more and more. (I even talked him into doing spring track so we could spend even more time together!) By the time it was our senior year, Matt and I were the very best of friends, though neither of us dared to tell the other our true underlying feelings.

We went to our high school prom together which was our first “official” date, and after hearing Matt’s side of the story now, we both were very nervous about what might come next. Matt went away to Maine Maritime and I went to the University of Southern Maine, and though we continued to talk, it wasn’t nearly as much as when we were in high school.

After a year of being away, we both decided to move home and we slowly started hanging out. Our “hang out” sessions came to be more and more frequent, with groups of friends at first which then grew into just he and I hanging out alone together, and by the beginning of our relationship, it had become a daily occurrence. Our excuse for daily hangouts was that he was teaching me the guitar, when deep down inside, we both knew that this was the time we could express our true feelings.

We became official in November of 2008, and here we are today, still going strong, still best friends, and still in love.


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