Catherine Small – Craig Rueter

ORONO – Catherine Small and Craig Rueter were married on the Spring Equinox, in Seoul, South Korea. Catherine is the daughter of Louise and Dr. William Small of Orono. Craig Rueter is the son of Diana Rueter-Schilling and Philip Schilling of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the late Carl Rueter of Houghton, Iowa.

Catherine is a graduate of Orono High School and received a bachelor’s degree in English and German at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., with high honors. After traveling around the world for five years, she attended Dublin City University in Dublin, where she earned a master’s degree in intercultural studies, and then worked for a non-governmental organization helping refugees and immigrant families unite. After she returned to the states, she worked in Portland, Ore., and earned a certification in English as a Second Language from Portland State University. Craig is a graduate of Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and received bachelor’s degrees in computer engineer and psychology from Iowa State University. He earned a master’s degree in taekwondo from Yongin University in South Korea and is pursuing a doctorate from Kyunghee University in taekwando and sports marketing. The couple met in South Korea, where Catherine is an assistant professor of English at Chung Ang University in Seoul, South Korea, and Craig is an assistant professor of English at Kyunghee University in Suwan, Korea.

After spending their honeymoon traveling to see friends in Paris, Munich, Maine, Iowa and California, they will return to Korea to continue their respective work and study.