A Maine Love Story: Rebecca and Jason

By Debra Bell

A “singing beach” paired the call of the ocean with new love. On the north shore of Boston, Rebecca Longworth and Jason Korb met through mutual friends on a beach outing. That beach date with friends turned into a romance followed by time apart.

When they reconnected, Jason had his pilot’s license but the pair couldn’t ignore their budding romance.

“Rebecca was the first person that as time went on, I was more and more interested in,” Jason said. “That feeling kept getting stronger and stronger.”

Rebecca said one of the things that drew her to Jason was his dedication to family and his passion for life.

“He’s an only child and a ‘mama’s boy’,” Rebecca said. “The way he treated his family was just fantastic. He’s someone who lives life with passion and lives life to the fullest.”

As their relationship strengthened, the couple looked at a future together.

“We had our first kiss on a grate outside a building in Harvard Square,” Jason said. “It had significance for me because it was around the corner from where Rebecca lived, as well as close to my grandmother’s old house where I spent much of my childhood.”

That grate would be where Jason proposed. The stage was set in February of 2010 with a dinner “in honor” of a friend’s new job. He parked the car by “their” grate and at the end of the night Rebecca said “we should kiss on the grate,” he said. Instead, she got something better than a kiss. She got a proposal with a cushion-cut diamond ring with baguettes on a diamond band.

And of course, she said “yes.”

Rebecca, an event planner by trade, admits that the last thing on her list of “to dos” was to handle planning their wedding. So Jason stepped up and took on the task.

“I’m never doing it again,” he said. “However, it was a joy to do it for my wedding.”

As an “outdoorsy and athletic” couple, Rebecca said it was imperative their wedding capture a natural, rustic vibe. And Maine was the logical state to host the nuptials.

Rebecca, an Ohio native and Colby College graduate, and Jason, a Massachusetts native, chose Maine because of its beauty and picked the Mid Coast as the area to wed. After enjoying the state from a good family friend’s from Rebecca’s family’s home in Tenants Harbor, the couple looked for a venue that could lodge, feed, and accommodate a wedding celebration.

They found that in Point Lookout Resort, nestled in Northport.

“It was the perfect option,” Rebecca said. “It offered a mix of high end and finished with a rustic feel. We chose to marry at the [Summit] for obvious reasons.”

The resort offered the couple and their guests a full-service experience. On the day before the wedding, the couple organized a “field day” complete with water balloon toss, egg tosses, and pitted “Team Longworth” against “Team Korb.”

“It was a really fun day because it was the first time all of our friends and family got to meet,” Rebecca said. “Later that night at the rehearsal dinner, people were already talking. It was a really nice way to break the ice.”

The night also included a present from Jason’s best man who provided Jason with a model rocket fitted with a video camera on it — one of Jason’s favorite things to do as a child.

“The rocket landed in a tree 400 feet off the ground,” Rebecca said. “In true Jason fashion, he wanted to get it, so we found a random tree guy who retrieved it for us.”

The day of the wedding, stress was nowhere to be found, they said. With an early afternoon ceremony ahead, Rebecca and her attendants started the day around 6:30 a.m. and passed the time playing Scrabble and Bananagram.

“Jason and I are huge Scrabble fans,” she said. “My bridesmaids and I spent six hours playing Bananagram. It was a no stress environment. I hadn’t planned anything, so nothing could go wrong. The only downfall was the heat.”

The interfaith couple chose to have a Jewish ceremony in honor of Jason’s heritage, ceremony mixing Jewish traditions with Christian traditions, reflecting the varied religious traditions of the families and were married by Rebecca’s father’s best friend.

“It was amazing to see all those people there,” she said. “It’s was once in a lifetime to see people from so many walks of life come together and get along. It was emotional and wonderful.”

Jason echoed that sentiment. “I wasn’t nervous at all,” he said. “In fact, I was really excited to call Rebecca my wife.”

In between the ceremony and reception, the couple rented out the bowling alley at Point Lookout for an “after party.” There they enjoyed appetizers and beer, then had a little bit of fun before heading off to the action-packed reception.

From dancing to the Martha’s Vineyard-based band Fall intoSultans of Swing to seeing how guests photographed themselves for the guest book, the couple’s wedding included sweet and unique touches. Traditional dances, such as the Hora, were highlights for the couple and their guests.

The night culminated in a send off complete with sparklers to reflect the couple’s own loving sparks.

“We were so happy to bring together so many friends and family and our older relatives,” Rebecca said. “It’s one thing we’ll keep together: the way Maine feels. We could see that reflected in everything.”


Watch a stop-action video made from photographs taken by Michele Stapleton at Rebecca and Jason’s wedding here:

Rebecca & Jason’s Wedding at Point Lookout, Northport, Maine from Maine Wedding Photographer on Vimeo.