Getting the GLOW: From the Inside Out

By Mackie Faye Hill, Simply Unforgettable Events by Mackie

The venue is chosen, you have bought a dress, and most of the vendors have their signed contracts and deposits. If you followed the timeline you now only have to sit back, relax, and wait for the big moment.

I must be kidding right? Relax? This is only one of the biggest moments of your life. There are only two moments that they say women “GLOW.” One is when we are expecting and the other is on our wedding day.

As a planner I understand the stress of planning and coordinating such an important event. Hiring professionals for all aspects of the Big Day will relieve pressure, however, even with pros handling the details you’ll still have questions, worry and double check. This will lead to stress which affects the way you function and your appearance.

But there are easy ways to reduce stress and achieve Zen.

The “glow” radiates from within, so let’s start inside. To achieve inner glow, schedule multiple sessions of relaxation therapy, such as Swedish massage, reiki, or a good rolfing session. Not big into massage? Join a chanting circle, take a yoga lesson, or sweat it out in a sauna.

Of course relaxation is personal. If zen is sitting in the park, breathing deeply in the warm sunshine, make time to do it and do it often. Doing any of these things regularly, say once or twice a month prior to the Big Day, will surprise your inner goddess and your glow.

In addition to relaxing, focus on eating right, getting plenty of sleep, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. These four vital elements will nourish your body, increase your oxygen intake, and reduce the appearance of acne, lines, and dark shadows on your face.

Now that your spirit, psyche, and muscles are relaxed, the next step is beautifying your outside.

I highly recommend facials, mani/pedis, and regular haircuts and hair treatments in the months leading up to your wedding day. This is just another way to achieve optimum skin, hair, and nail appearance. Of course if you have a full service spa in your area, you can pair these visits with massage sessions or reflexology appointments. The day before your wedding get a massage, a mani/pedi, and plenty of rest.

Last and most importantly is your wedding day. Making choices ahead of time such as whether to hire beauty professionals, what kind of make-up “look” you want, and of course the hairstyle that will top off the whole look. Making these decisions early allows you much more time to relax and reduces the worry which of course reduces stress.

DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT WING IT. This is your wedding. At least one hair and make-up trials are a must, but the more the better. Whoever is doing your hair and make-up, be they professional, yourself, or a friend, should spend a few hours perfecting the look. If your wedding beauty professional is your regular stylist, great! However, not all stylists are created equal. Just because Stylist A gives you a great shampoo and trim does not mean he/she knows how to do a sweeping up do with extensions and pin curls. Give your stylist a chance, but do not be afraid to go elsewhere or seek other trials to achieve the look you desire.

Ditto on make-up. No one wants to think they are walking down the aisle with the perfect youthful confident look only to later see photos that depict you as a washed out ghost in a wedding dress. Avoid the pitfalls of make-up emergencies with, once again, plenty of practice. Another suggestion: take a photo. Look carefully at your practice make-up applications and see if the camera shows your dream look and what your photographer will capture and print for your posterity.

Again, I highly recommend hiring professionals to completely de-stress your wedding preparations. Massage therapists, nail technicians, cosmetologists, and make-up artists perfect their craft and have plenty of practice making people feel (and look) beautiful. Not only will this keep you worry free, but it is another opportunity for you to just sit back and let someone else do the work.

Your only job is to look beautiful.

Work hard on that and all will be perfect! You will have achieved “the glow!”